Climatic research in the area of environmental simulations

In close cooperation with scientists, Kälte 3000 AG develops systems for environmental simulations. As one of the few suppliers in Switzerland, the specialist from the Bündner Rhine Valley plans, develops und produces highly precise climatic chambers and climatic cabinets (CLIMECAB) for different groups of users.

The difference between the climatic chamber and the CLIMECAB is only in size. While the climatic chamber is built for spacious research facilities and requires a space of at least 10 m2, the CLIMECAB only needs a surface area of 2 m2. With external dimensions of 140 × 90 × 200/215 cm (B × D × H), the climatic cabinet CLIMECAB is a smaller, technological powerhouse. The CLIMECAB was specially designed for smaller and mid-sized research labs working in areas of

  • crop cultivation
  • electronics
  • surface engineering
  • natural sciences
  • food industry

Together with the various studies under accurately simulated climate conditions, plants, food, materials and electronic components, which need to withstand inconsistent or climatically demanding conditions, can be thoroughly tested with the CLIMECAB.